Understanding Hospice in Troy, MI: Compassionate Care and Support

Hospice care – those two words carry with them considerable import, and yet they are often misunderstood. When it comes to hospice in Troy, MI, making an accurate, informed decision is crucial for your loved one’s quality of life and comfort. It is about more than merely managing symptoms. Hospice care is a critical part of end-of-life planning.

What Family Members and Patients Should Know about Hospice in Oakland County

Too often, hospice care is relegated to last place when thinking about our loved ones’ care, comfort, and quality of life. It is also often thought of as “the beginning of the end”. The truth is dramatically different.

Hospice care differs significantly from other forms of care. It gives exhausted, terminally ill patients the rest and support they need and deserve. The focus here is on helping patients manage painful, often debilitating symptoms while enjoying the best standard of life possible during their remaining days.

Who is a Good Fit for Hospice Care?

Hospice is reserved for patients who are expected to live six months or less. However, patients may exceed that expectation. With the right hospice provider, they can continue to receive care after the initial six-month period.

What Does Hospice Care Do?

Hospice care focuses on managing symptoms – reducing pain, improving range of motion, and even engaging the mind and emotions through unique therapies such as physical therapy and music therapy. Each patient’s situation is unique, though, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to care. A customized plan helps ensure that your loved one receives exactly the right care to help them live their final days comfortably and with dignity.

Does Hospice Care Focus Solely on Medicating Patients?

While pain medication plays an important role in hospice care, it is just one of many therapies. The focus is to help your loved one enjoy the highest quality of life possible, and that may include many therapies and activities. Medication is only provided to reduce pain to a level sufficient for your loved one to engage in those activities and enjoy themselves.

Is Hospice in Troy Only for Cancer Patients?

While many cancer patients receive hospice care, most patients have a disease other than cancer. Hospice care can be a good fit for patients with a range of illnesses, including heart disease, lung disease, dementia, and more.

What Role Does the Family Play in Hospice Care?

Family members play crucial roles as caregivers for their loved ones. However, hospice also offers care and help for family members. For instance, care providers will educate and help family members care for their loved ones, and also make counseling available to help them reduce stress and cope with the situation. Even after a loved one passes, family members can continue to receive help and support from the hospice team.

Where Is Hospice Care Provided?

Often, hospice care is delivered in the patient’s home. However, it can also be provided in a private facility, such as an assisted living community. This is an ideal option for patients who have moved out of their own home because of an inability to care for themselves and into an assisted living community and provides them with care and comfort in an environment they have come to know well, surrounded by compassionate staff members they recognize.

How to Choose a Hospice Program

Choosing a hospice program to support your loved one and help provide compassionate care and comfort is crucial. When choosing a program, consider these points:

  • The program should be licensed by the state of Michigan and certified by Medicare.
  • Learn about the agency’s full range of services to ensure they fit your loved one’s needs.
  • Get as much documentation as possible about the program and services.
  • Make sure the agency’s team is trained and committed to compassionate care.

Compassionate Care at Belmar Oakland

Hospice in Troy should ensure your loved one’s comfort, support their quality of life, and help them live with dignity. At Belmar Oakland, our team of compassionate, trained specialists delivers more than just medical care – we provide a safe, caring environment, empathetic treatment options, and the personal connection your loved one deserves. Contact us today to learn more about our community, services, and amenities.