Assisted Living in Troy, MI: Is Your Loved One Ready?

Time goes by so fast. One day, your loved one is healthy and well, more than capable of doing everything for themselves. In what seems like the blink of an eye, though, things can change. They begin forgetting little things. Perhaps they struggle to take care of their home as they once did, or you notice that bills are going unpaid or correspondence unanswered. Are these simply inescapable parts of the aging process, or is your loved one ready to consider an assisted living facility?

What Is Assisted Living?

Before we discuss the signs that may indicate your loved one is ready to consider assisted living in Troy, we should establish what “assisted living” means , as well as some of the things that set this type of facility apart from other long-term care options.

Assisted living – the term itself is clear. Rather than intensive care, like what might be found in a traditional nursing home, these facilities are dedicated to providing your loved one with the highest degree of dignity and the best quality of life by fostering their independence as much as possible.

For instance, an assisted living facility in Troy will usually offer a range of room types, including semi-private, studios, and one-bedroom apartments to fit your loved one’s care requirements, space needs, and budget. However, the qualities that set an assisted living facility apart from a nursing home go much deeper and include:

  • An abiding interest in your loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Supporting your loved one’s quality of life and independence through a range of engaging activities
  • Making it simple for community residents to interact with one another, engage in games, and find the peer support they need
  • Providing group exercise programs
  • Arranging and managing group outings into the surrounding area, including shopping and dining excursions
  • Access to caring, compassionate staff members, including those specially trained in caring for patients with memory loss or dementia

Is Your Loved One Ready?

It can be hard to tell when your loved one is ready for an assisted living community in Oakland County. Often, we hold on to ideas that they are more able than they truly are, or that their setbacks and struggles are less problematic than they are in reality. The following signs may show that it’s time to think about assisted living care in Troy:

  • They struggle with personal care
  • Medical care is becoming more and more frequent
  • Accidents happen more often
  • They are increasingly forgetful
  • They struggle to feed themselves and follow a healthy diet
  • They neglect housekeeping
  • Bills are going unpaid and mail is often unopened
  • They no longer take part in activities they once enjoyed
  • They experience significant mood shifts, including aggressiveness and anger

Of course, every situation is unique. You must make an informed but compassionate decision about your loved one’s needs and care. Take the time to talk with them about their needs and challenges. Bring up assisted living as an option and then discuss the many ways that the right assisted living community can help them live a happier life without sacrificing their independence.

Beyond Basic Care Needs

Aging can rob your loved one of their ability to handle many daily tasks. However, it can also affect their memory. For patients struggling with memory loss or dementia, specialized care is required to help them live happy, comfortable lives while fostering as much independence as possible.

How Can Belmar Oakland Help?

At Belmar Oakland, we’re proud to be a distinguished assisted living community in Troy, MI. Our modern facility is specially designed to help your loved one live with dignity and comfort while receiving the compassionate care they need. Our staff members are fully trained, and you’ll discover that our resident amenities include everything from chef-prepared meals to housekeeping services, live entertainment, group outings, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our assisted living facility in Troy, and the many ways we can support your loved one.