When it’s Time to Make the Move to Assisted Living

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The decision to move one’s self, or to help a loved one move to an assisted living community, is never an easy one. When people come to the realization that the best option is to move themselves, or their spouse, parent, or other family member into an assisted living facility, they are faced with a dizzying array of choices, and evaluating each community is certainly a challenging task. Although these decisions can be difficult, there can be some gratifying aspects to the process when the right location is chosen. Those in the midst of such a decision are advised to proceed with a thorough evaluation of the available options.


Questions to ask when deciding on an assisted living community


  • What is the ratio of staff to residents?
  • What are the meal options?
  • Is there round-the-clock medical supervision?
  • Who are the qualifications of the staff?
  • How is medication managed?
  • Is there transportation available for doctor appointments, shopping, and other trips out?
  • Are housekeeping services provided? Laundry services?
  • Are the apartments furnished? Can residents bring their own furnishings?
  • What social and leisure activities are available?
  • Are religious services available each week?
  • Will utilities such as heat, air conditioning, and electricity included in the monthly fee?
  • Are phone and internet services included in the monthly fee?


Set Up an Interview

It’s easy for individuals on the hunt for assisted living locations in Troy to set up a time to tour the facility they are evaluating. By meeting the staff and becoming acquainted with the facility and the various programs available for seniors, an informed decision can be made. Assisted living communities in Oakland County that treat residents like family are available, and by touring the facility and meeting face-to-face with the staff, individuals will get a true read on the caregivers’ level of compassion and skill. Something that sets an assisted living or memory care center apart from others is a facility that forms a partnership with the resident and their family—in essence becoming a part of the extended family.


Transitional Care all Under One Roof

Whether individuals are looking for Alzheimer’s care, Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Hospice, there are excellent choices available in Troy. A facility that offers every stage of care is the best option when moving to an assisted living complex. With all facets of care available in one place, residents can comfortably move from one stage to the other, with familiar surroundings, making it easier to avoid a difficult transition.


Evaluate the Amenities Available

Amenities matter. It is undeniable that residents in an assisted living facility need to feel at home in their new space. Their new home should include things like:


  • Meals and snacks which cater to a variety of nutritional needs and personal tastes
  • Entertainment, theater, music and social activities
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Exercise classes, physical therapy, fitness equipment, and personal training
  • Round-trip transportation for doctor appointments, shopping, eating out or other errands
  • Security and safety monitoring including alarmed doors
  • Massage and other spa services
  • Manicure, pedicure and barber and hair stylists
  • Religious services/chapel/synagogue


A Healthy Assisted Living Environment

Finding a facility that tailors the level of care to each individual resident and their specific needs is a key consideration when finding the right assisted living provider. A staff that encourages independence and self-sufficiency when warranted is extremely beneficial. Assistance with the activities of daily living while at the same time providing companionship in conjunction with care, is an important aspect. Residents need to trust their care providers and feel safe in their new living space. Choosing a facility that employs staff members who are not only licensed professionals, but also kindhearted, considerate, and caring, is of paramount importance.


An assisted living center that takes a holistic view about the life of its residents is, without a doubt, a key consideration. A facility in Oakland County that offers a wide array of group activities such as art classes, puzzles, games, and exercise classes will help residents acclimate to their new home and form relationships and companionship with other people they live with. A center that provides outings for residents to visit theaters, parks, shopping centers, and local restaurants and festivals is an added benefit, and gets residents who are capable away from the premises in a controlled and safe manner.


Enhanced Services for Memory Care

A memory care center should strive to eliminate residents’ stress and employ skilled and compassionate professionals to help with daily structure and routine. Memory care should help loved ones live with dignity, and it should promote a safe and secure environment. A staff that encourages individuals to take part in activities and socialization will positively influence residents’ lives.


While not commonplace, there are some memory care centers that offer simulated outdoor environments. Spaces that simulate nature have been proven to expand mental stimulation and enhance cognitive recognition for residents in a secure setting. Some assisted living centers offer Circadian lighting that simulates the progression of the sun throughout the day. Finding a facility that offers such spaces can make a significant difference for memory care residents and provide them with comfort and enhanced living.


Hospice Care

While some patients receive hospice care in their own home, there are also private hospice locations in Oakland County that provide this option, which works out well for hospice patients who have moved from their home due to the inability to live on their own. Receiving compassionate care in a licensed facility with a broad spectrum of services will result in comfort and dignity for the hospice patient.


Difficult Decisions That Result in the Best Possible Outcome

Individuals in the weighty situation of choosing the right assisted living center for themselves or their family member can take comfort in knowing they’ve chosen the right facility after thorough and mindful consideration. Evaluating the choices cautiously will result in peace of mind, which is worth its weight in gold when facing such a critically important decision.