What are the Benefits of An Assisted Living Community?

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Assisted living has been around for a long time, but elder care and senior care services are growing in demand along with the aging population, and people need to understand all of the different options out there. While in the past, some people might have preferred to stay at home or move in with family, those might not be feasible options anymore. When it comes to considering assisted living communities, some people immediately balk at the idea because they don’t want to be “put in a home.” However, modern assisted living is nothing like that.

In fact, the type of assisted living community Troy residents can find today will be quite impressive, to say the least. There are a variety of types of programs and residential statuses to choose from. There are facilities that cater to specific types of care (like memory care), and those that work as general facilities for all kinds of people who are rehabilitating after surgery, recovering from an injury or accident, and those who need a little (or a lot of) extra care in their daily living, hygiene, and other tasks.

To better help people understand their options and give loved ones the peace of mind that they need, here are some of the biggest benefits of choosing an assisted living facility in Troy.

Increased Social Life and Activity

People who move into assisted living communities from their private homes will often feel much less isolated. It’s not uncommon that people get more isolated as they age — retirement means no more working, friends move away or pass on, family is busy living their own lives and may live in different cities or states, and so it goes. There are so many hurdles to keeping seniors active and engaged in their later years. Assisted living takes all the hurdles out of it by providing a community, activities and social events.

Better Safety and Peace of Mind

When people are in assisted living, it gives them and their loved ones more peace of mind because the safety protocols are better and there are fewer potential threats to be had. From avoiding slip-and-fall accidents at home to being able to avoid getting scammed by a door-to-door “salesman,” family members will no longer have to worry about their loved ones for any reason. Facilities have premium security in place and specially trained staff that know how to handle all kinds of health issues and other concerns to keep people safe in their new lodgings.

Assistance with Daily Living and More

Of course, the biggest draw is that these facilities can provide people with the assistance that they need in daily living and personal care. From things like eating and getting dressed to showering, brushing teeth, getting outside, and even just engaging with others, the assistance of the skilled professionals in these facilities can make all the difference in the quality of life for people who choose them. They also perform the services respectfully and without making people feel incompetent or incapable, and that kind of loving support might not be something that one can find just anywhere.


Tailored Care Plans

Those who move into an assisted living community of any kind will be given their own custom plan for care and daily living that meets their needs. This will typically be discussed with the individual and family members to ensure that it is on point with what the person requires, as well as that it gives the family the peace of mind they want in knowing their loved ones are taken care of. If a person only needs help with medication management, they can use that service. If they need a full-service plan for assisted living that includes personal care, medication management, dietary support, and other help, that’s available, too. Assisted living allows people to fit the living situation and services provided to the needs of the individual.

Also, when a resident’s needs increase (or decrease), care can be altered and added to meet their needs. Similarly, when a resident nears the end of their life, many assisted living communities in Troy offer hospice services in-house to make the transition to end-of-life care easier.

Better Health and Nutrition

When people are in assisted living facilities, they are going to get better nutrition for several reasons. For starters, the food is prepared according to nutritional guidelines and there are hot meals available throughout the day. People who cannot cook for themselves anymore may be missing out on valuable nutrients by not eating right and this can help improve the situation. Another issue is people who aren’t eating simply because they forget or it takes too much effort, or they eat frozen meals or unhealthy options. In assisted living, healthy dietary options are provided for all, not just for people with specific dietary restrictions.

Reduced Stress for All

If a loved one is struggling to live alone and his or her family don’t have the time to dedicate to taking care of them, it can become a huge burden on the family. Assisted living facilities will do their part to reduce that stress in several ways. Families will enjoy knowing that their loved ones are taken care of, and the individuals enjoy their independence and still get the support and care that they need. This makes it easier for everyone to enjoy their lives.

Assisted Living in Troy is Vibrant Living

The biggest thing to know about these facilities is that there is nothing “wrong” with them and they are not some kind of punishment. Too often, older adults feel like being sent to assisted living is limiting their life. Today’s thriving communities, however, offer quite the opposite. It will be important to sit down and discuss the needs of the person in question to figure out what will be best, but it should be a discussion that includes assisted living facilities if that is a service that they could use.

There are several different options for assisted living and hospice that Troy residents can choose from, including facilities that offer all of the services in the same place. What matters is taking the time to explore these options, no matter what a loved one needs, and finding the right place for them to call home. When it is done the right way, everyone will have a better experience and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the individual is getting the care and support they need and that it’s not all the responsibility of the family to provide.