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What Are Some of the Most Desirable Retirement Community Amenities?

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When it comes time to find a retirement community for your loved ones, there’s a lot to take into account. One of the things that will have a huge impact on your loved ones day to day quality of life is the amenities in the location. Great amenities can make the difference between looking forward to every day, and not really having as much to be excited about.


It will vary from person to person what kind of amenities they consider the best. There are a few staples that nearly everyone can appreciate. These are the kind of amenities that most people can agree are a net positive on their quality of life. When you consider a retirement community for your loved ones, try to ensure that they contain at least a few of the following amenities.


Retirement community amenities can be basically grouped into two categories. Ones that directly improve the life of your loved ones. There’s a wide variety in this category, it can be as simple as a nicer bed, or as complex as really well-cooked meals. The other category is essentially anything that helps your loved one socialize and keep their brain active. It’s very common for retirees to stop socializing, this can have a ton of detrimental effects on their brain. Any retirement community worth its salt will do what it can to encourage residents to socialize.

Amenities That Have a Direct Benefit

This category of amenity includes anything that your loved one can enjoy on their own. There are a lot of things to include in this category. These amenities can do anything from keeping your loved one’s brain sharp, to giving them things to get excited about.


One great example is the quality of food in the retirement home. The food quality matters for a number of reasons, and can have a huge impact on your loved ones’ general happiness. First of all, most people enjoy tasty food. It’s really hard to get excited for a bland and boring meal, or one that is simply poorly cooked. Having a consistent stream of things to look forward to is essential to keeping a retired person happy. Looking forward to a great meal is something we all enjoy, and that shouldn’t stop simply because we’re retired. The other part of this equation is the nutritional value of the meal. Ideally, their chef will be preparing meals that are both delicious, and nutritious. A constant stream of nutritious, high-quality food will keep your loved one feeling their best, both physically, and mentally for years to come. One assisted living facility in Bloomfield Hills has a great food program that keeps its clients feeling great.


An amenity that is easily underestimated is the allowance of pets. Pets have the well-recorded ability to improve the happiness of their owners and to give people a great sense of purpose. Finding assisted living care in Bloomfield Hills that allows pets for their residents will be a game-changer for the well-being of your loved one. Having a dog gives your loved one a reason to go on regular walks, this is hugely beneficial for their physical and mental health. This dog will also give them a sense of companionship. Having a dog around will ensure that your loved one is never lonely, even on days that you can’t make it by to see them. You’ll feel better knowing that their furry friend is there to keep them company. Cats make another great option. If your loved one isn’t one for regular walks, but still wants a furry friend, then a cat can be just the thing. A cat is much lower maintenance than a dog, but still has that element of friendship that will keep your loved one feeling their best. Having a 4 legged friend is the perfect thing to keep your loved one smiling in their retirement.

Enabling a Healthy Social Life.

When you look for assisted living in Bloomfield Hills, be sure that you’re looking somewhere that will support and enable your loved one to be as social as possible. You want to look for a location that offers things like live entertainment. Live entertainment works great as a group bonding activity, chatting about it after is a great way to make friends and stay social. Live entertainment is also something your loved one can take a lot of personal enjoyment from, in this way it really hits both categories. Group activities are another great way for your loved one to stay social. Whether it’s bingo or a game of cards or shuffleboard, group activities will help your loved one to make friends, and to keep their brain and body active. Group activities will help your loved ones to enjoy their time in retirement and give them plenty of exciting stories to share with you when you visit. One more great amenity to look for is the inclusion of family rooms. This will give you a great place to hang out with your loved ones when you visit. A family room can be used for all sorts of activities, and you’ll love spending time there with your loved one.


Retirement can be a tough time for a lot of people. It’s full of changes and it can feel really scary. If you spend time finding the right retirement home, it doesn’t have to be scary at all. Finding a home with great amenities can truly make these the golden years for your loved one. Make sure your loved one has plenty of things to enjoy on their own, like great food or a pet to keep them company. Also, make sure that the retirement home you choose offers tons of great socializing opportunities. Retirement should be a time when your loved one makes new friends and enjoys every day to the fullest. Don’t let a poor retirement home spoil the golden years for your loved one, make sure you do your research properly.