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Top Tips to Keep Your Retired Loved One Feeling Spry and Active in Retirement

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When your loved one moves into retirement, you’re going to need to make sure that they’re moving in somewhere they can continue to be as happy as possible. There are a lot of different considerations to make when you’re looking for a retirement home. In terms of activities, a few categories stand above the rest in terms of keeping a retiree mentally and physically sharp. Keep these in mind when looking for assisted living in Bloomfield Hills.


Ensure that the retirement home you select for your loved one has locations on-site to allow your loved one to engage in meaningful activities. There are a few important considerations when you’re browsing for your loved one’s retirement home, so there’s a lot to discuss. Make sure that you keep your eye out for the following amenities, and you can ensure that your loved one has a healthy and happy retirement for years to come.


There are also some services that can enable your loved one to focus on enjoying life to the fullest. If you can have someone take care of the more tedious things in life, then your loved one can focus on staying healthy and happy for as long as possible.


Activities to Seek Out When Searching For a Retirement Home:

When you’re looking for a retirement home to move your loved one, make sure they have a wide variety of activities to keep your loved one happy and active. Both mental and physical activities are essential to keeping your loved ones in their peak condition. You should be sure to look for a variety of activities that encompass both of these basic elements. If your loved one has access to regular card games, that will be great for their social and mental health. There are a ton of benefits to your loved one playing cards regularly with the other residents. However, if that’s all they’re doing, they risk their body weakening due to disuse.


On the other hand, if your loved one is power walking every day but isn’t using their brain in more skill-testing activities, they may find themselves losing some of their mental sharpness. It’s clear that a variety of activities is the best way to ensure that they remain healthy in mind and body.  To this end, make sure you research before you commit to a retirement home. There are a huge variety of retirement homes, and they all offer different benefits and services. If one offers less important services to you but does not have a proper variety of activities, then perhaps look elsewhere.


Ideally, your loved one’s retirement home will have designated activity areas. An area where people gather to play bingo or card games can be a great place for your loved one to work out their brains while making friends. Friends are a great way to make your time in a retirement home more enjoyable, but it can be tough to make friends in a brand new situation. A retirement home that prioritizes helping its clients socialize is an excellent choice for your loved one. Socializing is one of the best ways for your loved ones to keep their brain working overtime, and it’s great for keeping them happy as well. Happy people are healthy people, and the benefits of socializing are hard to overstate.


Try to find a retirement home that encourages your loved one to stay active. Ideally, they will offer some kind of fitness classes. This enables your loved one to stay active while also socializing. This is a huge two-for-one benefit for your loved one. You’ll love hearing their stories about their time staying active. So when you look for an assisted living community in Oakland county, make sure you’re looking for these activities.

Easing the Burden of Your Loved One in Their Retirement Home

Your loved one has spent their entire life working hard. Retirement is their time to relax. Make sure they can relax to the fullest by finding a retirement home that takes care of the basics and lets them focus on enjoying their lives. The ideal retirement home will help them with all of their daily needs. This will look different for each individual, but in essence, it helps them to be at peace when it comes to the daily minutia. Your loved one will ideally have things like their laundry taken care of. House cleaning would be huge to help them focus on their activities. Your loved ones will appreciate having their basic needs taken care of, freeing up their schedule to focus on the other activities you made sure were available to them.


Having the essentials managed is an excellent way to ensure that your loved one makes the most out of their retirement. When you visit, you want to hear stories about their card games, walks, and socialization. You don’t want to hear about how they struggled to keep their space clean due to their advancing age. Ensure that the narrative of your family member’s retirement is a positive one by doing the research upfront.


Moving your loved one into a retirement home can be a scary process. There’s a lot to consider, and it can feel very overwhelming. If you just focus on finding a retirement home that caters to the needs of your loved one, you’ll be able to manage this tough time a little easier. To make it easier, imagine visiting them in the home. Picture the things that you would want to see in their home, and picture how those things would change the stories they were telling you. Do you want to hear about their struggle to keep things clean or their loneliness? Or do you want to hear about how they won a great game of euchre with their friends last night and how they’ve been feeling more alert since they started their power walking routine? Keep all this in mind while you search for an assisted living facility in Troy, and your loved one will have a wonderful retirement.