The Search for Carefree Living Begins Here

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When it’s time to transition from a well-loved home environment to the next stage, emotions can run high. Needing assistance with the activities of daily living is a normal part of aging, and it is fortunate to have many resources available to help with the research necessary to make an informed decision. Many people in this situation are finding the perfect assisted living facility in Bloomfield Hills, and it is indeed a gift to those beloved family members and their caregivers as well.

When is the best time to explore assisted living?

The short answer is—the earlier, the better. If someone is thinking about needing assistance in the future, it’s time to start learning and looking. There are huge benefits to planning ahead for a move, both psychologically and physically. It can be an enormous stress reducer to work together as a family to make decisions and carry out the planned move.

Imagine a world with no lawn to mow or fertilize, trees and bushes to trim, leaves to rake, landscaping to mulch, gutters to clean, decks to power wash and stain, windows to clean, filters to change, the list goes on and on. Even with the funds to hire companies to do some of this for seniors, it can become a tiresome burden. And speaking of funds, there are literally so many hidden costs to homeownership, it’s sometimes easy to overlook these. From weekly trips to the home improvement store to purchase furnace filters, light bulbs, garden hoses, touch up paint, replacement faucets, and tools, the expenses add up quickly, even with a relatively newer house.

It’s important to remember the many chores and small details that come with homeownership that will never be a concern again, once a senior decides to move to an assisted living residence. For most people, not a day goes by without a reminder that they need to do something to maintain their home. For example, simple tasks such as sending in the yearly fee to the city for their alarm company requires the homeowner to find a certificate with their alarm number on it. Something as small as this can become a major stressor.

Lawn care is almost always a challenge as people get older. Even with a lawn service to mow the grass and apply fertilizers, there is still maintenance of the landscaping to contend with. Tree trimming, mulching, gutter cleaning and leaf removal are other added expenses.

Many older singles and couples alike are hesitant to ask for help from family members with many of these tasks, and adult children are often busy with work, children, and their own home maintenance chores. Assisted living truly lifts the burden off the entire family, allowing them to spend quality time together without having to work every time they get together.

Consider what’s important

Matching the wants and needs of future residents in assisted living care is key to a successful move. Some are easy—giving up laundry and cleaning is on everyone’s list! And it’s a given that everyone wants a safe, clean and secure environment with appropriate monitoring. Do seniors have a beloved family pet who needs to accompany them to a pet-friendly environment? Will seniors be able to bring their own familiar furnishings and decorations? Is there transportation available, or will it need to be separately arranged? Do seniors need assistance with memory care? Medicine management and administration?

Finding an assisted living residence that also provides extras like social activities and outings, fitness facilities, and even manicure service is a plus. Research has shown that entertainment, movies and offsite local dining are proven to enhance the overall experience and happiness of residents.

Letting go of stuff

In Sweden, when people reach the age of sixty, they begin the process of streamlining and cleaning out their belongings. Their goal is to have all their keepsakes in a single box. While that may seem pretty extreme, any efforts towards this goal will help. If the process is too stressful, it’s best to wait for another time. Some people embrace the opportunity to distribute keepsakes or valuables to family members. They love to see their family’s happy faces as they tell them more about the mementos’ history. One tip that has proven helpful is to carefully curate and choose the pieces of furniture and home décor that will be moved to a senior’s new home in an assisted living facility. In many cases, an attractive gallery wall can be created that includes photos, artwork and small shelves for collections or knick-knacks that will keep their space feeling homey and uncluttered.

It’s helpful to focus on the positive aspects of the move, comparing it to the feeling of going away to college and setting up a dorm room. And sometimes a new colorful bedspread with an upgraded mattress can help with better sleep and a more welcoming environment also!

Assisted living with specialty care

Facilities specializing in Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory care take each resident’s individual needs into account to provide the increased level of support and security they require. The facility’s goal is to respectfully provide help by developing a routine that can be followed with minimal stress.

Hospice care in Bloomfield Hills focuses on pain management for the resident, especially geared toward their last six months. It can provide a most welcome relief for the entire family, knowing their loved one is not suffering from undue discomfort or painful treatments. One great benefit of transitioning from assisted living into hospice care at the same facility is the familiarity with the environment and staff.

A lifetime of care

Many residents are looking for a continuum of care that provides for seamless transitions from assisted living, memory or Alzheimer’s care, to hospice care. Moves within a facility are much easier than the family having to research, schedule, and organize a move to different places with different capabilities as their loved one’s needs change. The dream of finding a perfect fit in assisted living combined with specialized care in Bloomfield Hills can be achieved.