Leveraging Healthcare Opportunities For Seniors

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Every individual appreciates the idea of healthy and independent living. However, as people age, their welfare needs change. Elderly people need the best possible care as they spend the last lap of their existence on earth. This explains why assisted living facilities in Bloomfield hills are out to provide care and medical intervention to, mostly, the senior citizens.

People between the age of 70 and above currently require assistance with the activities of daily living, and they need this care to live independently -this kind of care is referred to as residential care or personal care. Care centers are instituted in most states to offer support to senior citizens, and promote independent living.

Services residential or personal care provides

Care is given to seniors based on their health condition of such individuals. The caregiving community for seniors operates by a system that attends to the personal needs of elderly people, and as such, helps to meet their care demands, which ultimately enables them to live a safe, healthily, and independent life. The health team first coordinates a body assessment on the patients to determine the level of support the patient requires. The medical personnel provides healthy lifestyle advice and recommendations for the patient.

The services provided by these government regulated  healthcare centers include

  1. Close monitoring and routine drug management: the care center ensures that each patient commits to taking the right medication, and at the right time. And the performance of these patients is monitored and recorded.
  2. The establishment provides general assistance, which includes assisting patients with dressing up, helping in urination and bathing, and feeding.
  3. The establishment renders housekeeping services like doing the laundry, cooking the meal, and transporting them from one location to another.
  4. The establishment also provides extracurricular activities like taking a walk or engaging in light exercises.
  5. Some healthcare centers are licensed to provide special services like memory care.

These health care attenders work round the clock just to deliver care and support to the elderly. To make the experience of these seniors more relatable, each person is allowed to bring along personal belongings like furniture, books, bags, etc, or things that provide good memory and comfort.  The community ensures that they get the best-individualized treatment, thereby ensuring each patient lives a long and healthier life.

Services that are not provided by resident care communities

Assisted living care in Bloomfield Hills is often mistaken for nursing home care. But there is a lot of difference. This care center is uniquely for aged citizens, and only professionally trained medical workers are allowed to work in this facility.

Caring for old people is tasking, to effectively provide the best care, staff needs to be well-trained.


Patient assessment result is what helps the nurses understand if the parent would require long-term or short-term care. The caregiving centers (for seniors) do not provide normal hospital health care services but offer special care for old people with developmental challenges.


Daily Living Activities offered to Patients


Patients under the care of these healthcare centers are walked through routines and activities that make their daily living interesting. Most of these seniors find it difficult to care for themselves, and some might have grown-up children who are too busy to take care of them, which explains why the caregiving facility is handling that responsibility.


The daily tasks and engagements given to patients help to keep them active, engaged, and alive, and it somewhat contributes to the wellness and recovery of those patients.


  1. Taking a walk: patients are taken on a short distance walk to help straighten their legs, and it helps them feel the air of the environment.
  2. Watching TV: patients are reminded of the outside world via TV programs, news, or comedy. This helps to incite humor and laughter during the program.
  3. Bed Dressing: The staff assists in dressing the bed and getting patients ready for a nap or a night’s rest.
  4. Bathing: patients are bathed daily and kept cleaned.
  5. Toileting:  Assistance is offered to those that can’t use the toilet.

Advantages of supported living

Assisted living in Bloomfield hill generally improves the quality of life of old people and any disabled person that requires support. Supported living reduces the death rate, depression, and sickness.  Loneliness and anxiety are great sources of depression, sickness, and death. To save the lives of old people, care must be provided. Here are some of the benefits associated with healthcare programs for old people.


  1. The workers prepare food that matches the diet requirement of the patient.
  2. Patients are provided with the best medical treatment and care
  3. Patients are provided with supplements and nutrition that will hasten recovery
  4. Human support is given to patients for daily living engagements.
  5. Maximum security and protection are provided. The facility is well guarded and secured.

How to know when old people  need help

It’s important to monitor any aged person that is above the age of 70 because they just might need help. Aged people need the most help but hardly ask for it. Here are some signs that suggest when an old friend needs extra help.

  1. When the residence or compound looks unkempt, especially when the individual is living alone.
  2. When the home interior is untidy, and the ceiling area is designed with cobwebs, dusty furniture, and so on.
  3. When there are loads of unpaid bills/ envelopes.
  4. When the person looks unkempt and unhygienic.
  5. When healthy meals are missing in the house.
  6. When the individual starts acting moody or different from what is known about the person.
  7. When the individual starts to develop amnesia symptoms, like forgetting important things like birthday parties, anniversaries, etc.
  8. When the person has had experiences of slumping or falling on the floor.
  9. When the appearance of the person changes, like losing weight

The aforementioned signs show that the friend or family member would need immediate attention. Some individuals go as far as opting for in-house care service, where the caregivers attend to the person in their private residence. There is also the option of enrolling the individual in rehabilitation or health care centers.