How To Find the Perfect Assisted Living Community in Oakland, MI

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An assisted living community is a type of residential care for people with disabilities. It is typically designed to provide services required to ensure that the individual will remain safely in their home, even if they cannot live independently. It is a residential living arrangement where highly trained care providers provide individuals with 24-hour care and assistance. The individual also enjoys luxury amenities such as on-site dining, fitness, and socialization areas.

Although there are many assisted living communities in Oakland County, it’s essential to select the most suitable community. Each community offers specialized services that meet different needs, ranging from health-related benefits to exceptional amenities. This article will discuss the other things to note when searching for a suitable community.

Determine the Level of Care Needed by the Individual

Seniors may have different needs than the professionals in the community must meet. These needs are often divided into three care levels which are low, medium and high. Residents may change facilities as their needs change.

●     Level One – Low-Level Care

The lowest level is suitable for individuals who are independent and can handle most activities and routines themselves. The assistance offered by low-level communities includes minor acts like reminders to take medications or keep certain appointments and the supervision of some actions performed by the residents.

●     Level Two – Moderate Level Care

The moderate-level communities are suitable for seniors who need more assistance than those offered in the low-level facilities. This level is best for individuals who can’t move around quickly but can still perform different activities. The aid of the professionals to seniors in this category includes helping with a few activities of daily living (ADL) like dressing and bathing or managing the resident’s medication.

●     Level Three – High-Level Care

High-level care is suitable for seniors who have severe physical or mental health problems, who need help with most of their daily routines. The services provided at the highest level include helping with most of the ADLs, including assisting the residents to walk around, bathing, dressing, eating, management of their medication, etc.


Before finding an assisted living community, it is essential to consider the senior’s mobility, motor skills, and medical condition. The extent of the individual’s needs should determine the kind of community they should find.

Research Available Assisted Living Facilities in Oakland County

To find the best facility, it is vital to conduct extensive research on the available communities in the area and the kind of services provided by each community. Enlisting the help of friends and family and the expert guidance of professionals will help narrow the options.

Below are helpful tips on how to go about the research.

Search Assisted Living Directories Online

There are so many directories available online that users can find all open communities in any area. For instance, users can search for ‘assisted living facilities in Troy’ in the directory to find the available communities in the area. The users can then narrow down the results to the communities that offer the needed level of care they require.

Ask for Recommendations from Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers and professionals are very likely to have more knowledge of each community’s different facilities and services. If the Healthcare professional has prior knowledge of the senior’s health status, they may point out the perfect living facility to consider.

Ask for Recommendations from Friends and Family

Friends and family members living in or having relatives in assisted living communities may also be of service by recommending good facilities to check out. They could also recount their experience in such facilities, which would help greatly when choosing which community to visit.

Call the Area Agency on Aging in Oakland

The agency will also have relevant information about the various communities in the county and the services and amenities provided by each community. A visit or a call to the office will help in narrowing down the options.

Ask Important Questions About the Services of the Selected Communities

After narrowing down the options, the next step to finding the perfect community is to ask questions. It is essential to ask questions regarding the services and amenities provided by a community before choosing such a community. The answer to each question will help in deciding whether to select the facility or not. Ask questions relating to the facility, the workers, the amenities, and safety. Below are some critical questions to ask.

About the Facility

  • Ask about the number of residents and that of the care providers.
  • Ask about the apartment choices and the available facilities, including furniture, decor, lighting, storage space, etc.
  • Ask about the pet and visitation policies.

About the Residents and Caregivers

  • Ask about the nature of the relationship between the residents and caregivers.
  • Ask about the relationship between residents and the kinds of activities allowed.
  • Ask about the level of freedom given to the residents.

 About the Safety of the Residents

  • Ask if every entrance and exit is secure.
  • Ask about the kinds of emergency systems and services available.
  • Ask about the nature of the grounds and how wide the doors are.
  • Ask if the community is guarded against intruders

About the Amenities

  • Ask if the community features special events and services.
  • Ask if there is enough space for outdoor recreations and activities.
  • Ask if the community organizes field trips or other outings.
  • Ask if there are transportation schedules for residents’ medical appointments.
  • Ask if the community has beauty salons, barbershops, libraries, convenience shops, etc.


Assisted living communities in Oakland County enable individuals to live independently without worrying about their physical or social needs. They can focus on their mental and emotional well-being and enjoy the company of like-minded people. The future of these communities is focused on creating an environment where seniors can maintain both their personal and social life. With the help of AI tools, facilities can now provide personalized care and activities based on seniors’ preferences.