Hospice Offers Help for All Patients, Including Those with Dementia

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Patients who are nearing the end of their lives often face a wide range of health and wellness problems. Quality hospice should be about more than just helping patients handle their pain. It should also provide comfort and attention to emotional and spiritual needs, including to those who are dealing with the problems of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This is a common concern facing patients in hospice, as well as patients who are seeking an assisted living community.

Understanding Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Dementia is a general term that is often used to describe that someone has a decline in their mental ability that is serious enough that it interferes with daily life. There are many causes of dementia. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause. Although the words are used interchangeably, they are different. Dementia is a general term, whereas Alzheimer’s is a specific disease. Take a closer look.

Choosing Hospice in Troy with Help for Dementia Patients

Those who have Alzheimer’s disease or who suffer from another form of dementia and who have only a few months to live will often benefit with hospice care. As much as family members might want to provide help and care for their loved ones, this is not always possible. Having help from caring professionals can make a big difference. It is important to take the time to find hospice care that can provide all of the services needed for a loved one.

Something to keep in mind about hospice care is that it doesn’t necessarily need to take place in a different facility. For residents who already live in assisted living, they may be able to receive hospice services onsite. There are many assisted living communities that also provide hospice for their residents.

For patients who still live at home, family members may want to keep their loved ones at home during the last months of their life. It can often be easier on the patient since they will be in a location that they know and trust. They will likely not feel as much anxiety. Fortunately, hospice care can take place at home.

It will be different for each patient and family. Ultimately, family members will want to do what’s best for their loved ones and that can best meet their other needs.

Assisted Living Community for Memory Care

It is possible to find assisted living that offers memory care for patients. These are facilities where the patients can go and live for the remainder of their days. They might live for years at an assisted care facility. They are not near death, but they do need to have some help with various things around the house. An assisted living facility can be a great choice. Those who have memory loss or signs of dementia will need to be sure they opt for a facility that can provide memory care services.

The staff at these facilities can provide patients who need some help because of a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or who have behaviors related to dementia. A quality memory care community can provide patients with an environment that is caring, calm, and safe. This can help to reduce the confusion and anxiety that these patients will often face.

When choosing one of these facilities, it is important to find those that can provide personalized care. All patients are different, so opting for an assisted living community that can provide custom care for patients is essential. The goal should be to help patients feel calm and at home while providing them with all of the services that are required to meet their specific needs.

One of the options to consider will be a facility that can provide a simulated outdoor space. This can be beneficial for patients who may otherwise have trouble going outside because of the dementia or anxiety they face. The spaces are secure, and they can provide more mental stimulation for the patient. These types of spaces have proven to be helpful when it comes to helping those who are in cognitive decline.

When choosing an assisted living community, it’s important to look at all the various types of special care they can provide for the residents. Do they have specialists that know and understand how to properly care for those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? Do they have various types of multisensory stimulation that can help patients potentially improve functional performance? Always take the time to see exactly what the facility can offer for these types of patients.

What Else is Offered with Assisted Living in Troy?

When choosing an assisted living facility, it is important to consider more than just the memory care features it can offer. Take the time to explore all of the other available features. For example, do they offer meals and snacks on-site that will be covered by the cost of staying at the facility?

Check to see whether the facility offers group activities, movies, games, and live entertainment. Does the facility provide housekeeping and laundry services? Are there exercise programs and a fitness room for residents? Ask about shopping, local dining, social outings, and personal transportation to appointments. What type of monitoring is available at the facility? Those who have loved ones with signs of dementia will want to be sure that the community they choose has monitoring.

Family or those who are looking to become residents themselves will want to take the time to talk with the facility operators and managers to learn more about what it can offer. The goal of a good assisted living community should be to help patients feel as though they are home. The staff should strive to ensure they provide all of the care and services needed to make the residents as comfortable and safe as possible. It is often a good idea to set up a tour of the facility to get a better sense of what is offered.