Everything One Should Know About Hospice, But Didn’t Know to Ask

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No one wants to talk about difficult things, but it’s a necessary part of life. When people get to a place where their care is mostly for comfort and it is known that they are dying, hospice is often the chosen option. However, it’s also commonly overlooked because people simply don’t understand what hospice is, how it works, or what it can do for people who are nearing the end of their lives. Fortunately, resources like this make it easy for people to get the facts and find out just what this care has to offer.

Hospice Care Can Be Done at Home or In a Facility

Too many people assume that hospice is only available to those willing to go into an assisted living community or hospice center. However, there are several different in-home options for hospice that Oakland County residents have to choose from for their loved ones. While there are plenty of benefits to be had from receiving hospice services at an assisted living facility in Troy, there’s also something to be said for being in the comfort of one’s home during these often difficult times.

Some people may prefer to have their family members stay in a facility for the access to medical care or the treatment that they need to keep them comfortable. In some cases when they are capable, the individual may decide on their own to stay in a facility so that the burden isn’t on their family to take care of them. Either way, options are there and it’s going to be up to everyone involved to make the best decision.

Hospice Isn’t Just to Help People Who Have Cancer

In some cases, people think that hospice care is only for cancer patients who have no treatment options. Others might presume it’s for those with other conditions that lack appropriate treatments. However, the fact is that hospice can benefit anyone who has an end-stage disease or life-limiting condition and who needs additional care. They can stay in control (or the family can) and it’s covered by most insurance plans, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, for several different health conditions and illnesses.

Hospice Might Help People Live Longer

It comes as a surprise to many people, but studies have been done that have shown that people who have proper hospice care have extended their lives by as much as a month or more. For those who might not be quite ready to say goodbye, this added time could be a huge benefit. Hospice doesn’t mean that medical care stops, so people can still get the treatment that they need to keep their symptoms under control and give them comfort.

This can offer people more hope and give them a reason to keep going. Although some people come into hospice who have already accepted their fate, others may be buoyed by the compassionate care they’re receiving and have the will to keep going longer than expected, giving them extra time to spend with their family, or get their affairs in order.


Hospice is for the Whole Family

A lot of families don’t realize that hospice services also include grief support and other resources for people who have lost loved ones. Several hospice facilities and organizations have services available to people even when their loved one didn’t get hospice care or didn’t get the care from their facility, specifically. This industry is about giving people the tools that they need to deal with the end of life, whether they’re the individual affected, or they are family of a loved one who is nearing the end of their time.

Hospice services are available to anyone who needs it for grief support and other solutions and assistance. Often, the family support services offered by hospice in Oakland County are overlooked but can truly help give families peace of mind.

Take Advantage of Hospice and Other Services

When it comes to senior care and end-of-life assistance, there are a lot of different options. Some people will start their journey at an assisted living community in Oakland, while others will go straight into hospice care. Some might also prefer to have these services offered at home. The majority of hospice care happens outside of a medical facility, so at-home hospice is a wonderful option for those who prefer it.

Hospice isn’t a limited-time service or only for those who have days or weeks to live. While it’s commonly used for those situations, it can be discussed much earlier and it can be a solution for those who may still have months to live still. It’s about getting the care that the person needs, whether that’s hospice or receiving care at an assisted living facility in Troy, and it’s about getting it from a reputable provider.

Provider Reputation

Like anything, families will want to make sure that hospice and assisted living services are offered by a reputable provider that gives them peace of mind. Check the facility for reviews and other details to help make a more informed decision. When families choose companies that have experience and expertise in these areas, they will be able to give themselves and their loved ones the comfort and reassurance that is needed when entrusting that loved one to someone else’s care.

Hospice care from the right sources, as well as any assisted living care and other services, are going to provide a great sense of support for those who need it. There are no referrals required and there isn’t a limit as to what conditions qualify or will benefit most from this care — it’s truly for anyone and it’s something that needs to be on more people’s radar. As the future of the industry continues to grow and it becomes a more available, openly-discussed resource, hospice care is only going to serve to improve more people’s experience with end-of-life care.