Benefits of Assisted Living in Bloomfield Hills

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Many people might be considering assisted living as an option, either for themselves or for a loved one. Assisted living communities provide active seniors with a safe and happy place to call home. They can provide a level of care and safety that’s beyond what the resident would have at home, including activities, on-staff caregivers, entertainment, and much more. Assisted living in Bloomfield Hills could be a great choice for someone looking for a place to spend their golden years.

Sometimes people worry about moving into an assisted living community because they aren’t sure if it’s the right solution for them or not. They want to live in their own home for as long as possible, which is understandable. But there may come a time when assisted care facilities make the most sense. Below are some of the biggest benefits of choosing an assisted living facility in Bloomfield Hills.

Become Part of a Community

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an assisted living facility in Bloomfield Hills is that it allows the senior to be part of a community. Often, seniors are faced with loneliness as they age. They don’t have as many of their usual family and friends around. This can cause them to withdraw, even though they are still vibrant and have a lot to offer.

Assisted living homes are true communities where they can meet and interact with other people from the same generation. They can talk, share hobbies and stories, and continue to have a happy, productive, and fun life.

Fun and Engaging Activities

The idea of rest homes, where elderly people go to spend their twilight years doing nothing, is antiquated. There are options for assisted living care in Bloomfield Hills that provide live entertainment, movies, and group activities that help keep everyone active and happy. They will also often have scheduled outings, such as shopping and going out to eat. It is possible to keep fit and active, too. Many facilities have a fitness room along with exercise programs for residents to participate in. Some also have spa services and even a beauty salon on-site.

Keep in mind that this is not true of all assisted living facilities. Anyone interested in these types of properties will want to be sure that they check into all of the amenities that are offered before committing.

Floor Plan Options

It is also important to consider the types of floor plans that are available. Typically, there will be several types of rooms from which to choose. There might be shared and private studios, for example. A shared studio could be a good option for someone who doesn’t mind having a roommate. It might even be fun. However, others might prefer a private space. They might want a private studio or a one-bedroom, for example. Many of the best options in Bloomfield Hills will have a range of room choices available. It’s a good idea to consider those facilities that will cover utilities, including electricity, cable, and internet, as well.

Transportation Provided

One of the other benefits of assisted living care in Bloomfield Hills is that it will often come with transportation. If the resident needs to get to and from doctor’s appointments, it’s possible with facility-provided transportation. In addition, it may be possible to schedule other local transportation if it is necessary. If the senior no longer owns a car or drives, this is a huge benefit. This also allows seniors to get out and remain active and run many of their own errands.

Prepared Meals

Another one of the benefits of living in one of these communities will be the meals. Often facilities will have meals and snacks prepared by a chef. This helps ensure that residents are getting healthy food. Nutrition is one of the things that can be neglected as people get into their older years because some seniors no longer want to spend the time or money preparing all of their meals. Food prepared at a quality facility for assisted living care in Bloomfield Hills solves this issue.

Assistance with Personal Care

The facility will likely have assistance available for the tasks associated with daily living, as well. This might include getting bathed, using the facilities, oral hygiene, and medication management. Additionally, there is often help with weekly housekeeping and laundry services, as well. This helps to cut down on the amount of work that the senior has to do on their own.

Emergency Care is Available

One of the most important benefits of assisted living facilities is that emergency care will be available if needed. There is often a nurse available around-the-clock, as well as a 24-hr emergency response system. If there is a fall or another health issue, help will be available almost immediately. Knowing that there is help and emergency care available when needed can let residents and their families rest a little easier at night.

Plans to Fit Everyone

Assisted living care facilities in Bloomfield Hills offer these benefits and more. Living in one of these communities can make a positive difference in a senior’s life. There’s no reason to fear choosing an assisted living facility. It is important to research the facility and its features and amenities to get a better idea of what it offers before making a choice.

Each person has their own needs when it comes to the type of care they’re looking for. Good facilities understand this and will take the time and effort to create a plan that’s right for the individual. People interested in assisted living communities can research several facilities and plans, and make an informed decision.