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Benefits of Assisted Living for Alzheimer’s

By January 28, 2019 No Comments

It is possible for people living with dementia to have an excellent quality of life, despite the challenges of their disease. There are many reasons why families and seniors experiencing dementia should consider at an assisted living community, safety, most importantly for improved well-being. It’s critical to choose a community that provides Residents with memory care support for dementia and Alzheimer’s. Some of the many benefits of living at an assisted living community for dementia include:

Basic assistance – Assisted living communities help Residents with dementia maintain their independence by providing structure and support for completing basic tasks like bathing, dressing, and grooming. This support allows individuals with dementia to function on their own, or when helped by the staff’s expert hand.. It’s imperative for families to feel assured that their loved ones will receive the most professional and respectful care when they choose Belmar Oakland as their home, an Alzheimer’s community located in the heart of Oakland County.

Recreation – Residents with dementia should be encouraged to socialize and develop personal recreational habits so they can enjoy their days in a safe and positive atmosphere. People with dementia often suffer from depression as a result of isolation from others. A memory care community provides structured recreational activities as well as time for independent socializing with other residents which promotes healthy relationships and social interaction.

Peaceful environment – People with dementia can easily become anxious when encountering new people or situations, and the atmosphere at an assisted living community should be one that is calming and relaxing,. The right assisted living facility encourages an environment that makes Residents feel safe, reducing the fear and anxiety that can accompany feelings of confusion people with dementia often experience.

On-site medical services – Assisted living facilities offer on-site medical services so that Residents can receive the attention they need without having to experience the confusion often felt in unfamiliar medical settings. Many assisted living facilities feature an on-site physician, medication management, 24 hour staffing, and ongoing wellness checks. Chauffeured transportation will ensure Residents who need to leave the facility for medical appointments arrive safely without travel stress or worry.

Customized care – A quality assisted living home should offer Residents a wide range of options for their support that can be tailored to suit their personal needs. Some Residents requirements are minimal while others may need around the clock assistance. It’s critical that assisted living facilities value the unique circumstances that each Resident has and that they take pride in offering customized plans to suit whatever their requirements are.