Assisted Living in Troy that Accommodates a Loved One’s Changing Needs

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When considering moving a loved one to a senior living setting, family members obviously want to find the best possible care, where their loved one will feel at home, comfortable and respected. Wouldn’t it also be nice to find a single facility that can serve the loved one’s changing health needs with different levels of care? Whether a Troy, MI resident is searching for a spouse, parent or grandparent, they should look for an assisted living community that can care for a family member now and in the future.


Assisted Living at Its Finest

When independent living is no longer an option for an elderly family member, or when caring for that loved one at home becomes challenging, it’s likely time to consider assisted living. Assisted living allows someone to live somewhat independently, but with some nursing care, housekeeping and meal preparation provided.


Family members researching facilities will also want to find one that offers services and programs to keep their loved one engaged and an active participant in life. The best facilities will offer healthy, delicious onsite dining options, opportunities for fitness classes, entertainment events, group activities, and offsite outings like shopping and dining. They may even have special offerings like an onsite spa or salon services.


Perhaps the resident is still fairly independent, and would prefer to live in a 1-bedroom apartment, complete with a separate living room, private bathroom and small kitchenette. They (and their family) should search for an assisted living facility in Troy that can accommodate their desire for space and independence, while still providing top-notch, round-the-clock customized care, such as help with medications, laundry and housekeeping.


It may be that, after some time, a resident’s health declines slightly, their mobility decreases, and they decide they don’t need the extra space of a 1-bedroom apartment. Hopefully, their facility will have other options available for downsizing their housing, such as a smaller, private studio apartment, or even a semi-private space they share with a roommate. Selecting a residence that offers these living space options can make it possible for a senior to remain in the same place, versus having to move to a new community and dealing with associated stress.


Respite Care for Short-Term Needs

For some families, only a short-term stay is needed for their loved one. Perhaps their primary caregiver needs a break, or they are recovering from a recent hospitalization and cannot care for themselves at home the way they normally could. Finding a local facility that provides quality respite care for short stays can be difficult, but there are assisted living facilities in Troy that offer this care. Hopefully, the resident will be able to return to their home after a restful or recuperative stay, but on the chance that they do not improve as expected or otherwise require long-term care, it’s helpful to find a facility that provides respite care that can transition to longer-term assisted living.


Memory Care Availability

There is also the possibility that, as time passes, a resident may develop symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Rather than have to find a different facility that can accommodate this new level of care — and go through the stress and disruption of having to move a loved one someplace new — family members would be wise to choose a facility initially that offers various types of living arrangements within one community, including specialty memory care. When moving from assisted living to the memory care area or floor is as simple as changing rooms within the same facility, it makes the transition smooth and comfortable for the resident, as they will still be familiar with their surroundings, caregivers and fellow residents.


A quality memory care community or facility should offer the following types of care for its residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia:

  • Personalized care – Residents should be encouraged to live at the highest level of independence that is safe and possible for their condition. The facility should be able to scale up or down the level of care, rather than treating all memory care residents the same.
  • Basic assistance – All residents should be guided and supported in performing as many functions on their own as possible, like dressing and bathing. When they are unable, caregivers should step in to assist. Further, all basic care needs should be handled by caregivers such as laundry, housekeeping and nutritious meals and snacks.
  • Special programming for Memory Care residents – Activities and programs should be tailored to those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Social get-togethers, recreation and the opportunity for religious activities should be on offer, and some facilities even offer special multi-sensory rooms dedicated to memory care residents. An example of this is a simulated outdoor “patio” area, designed to stimulate residents’ senses and approximate the outdoors with the sound of birds, blue “skies” (ceiling and walls), “clouds” hanging overhead, trees and bright-colored flowers, and lots of bright, natural light.


Hospice for Compassionate End-of-Life Care

Finally, when searching for a facility in Troy to care for a loved one, ensure that hospice care is also offered in addition to assisted living and memory care. It is a stage of life that no one likes to think about ahead of time, but when that time does come for a spouse, parent or grandparent, it is better to have hospice care available onsite in their current facility.


The best care facilities will have palliative and hospice care available to provide comfort, compassion and support for residents in the last phases of life, easing their pain, and providing resources for their family members, as well.


Multiple Living Arrangements, One Community

As a family searches for the perfect fit in a senior residence, they would do well to find a place that offers various types of living arrangements. Then as the individual’s needs change over time, the appropriate level of support and care can be made available. Whether a Troy resident needs assisted living, memory care or hospice care, look for a well-reviewed, high-quality senior community that offers all of these services.