Assisted Living in Bloomfield Hills: Compassionate Care and Improved Quality of Life

Belmar Oakland, located near Bloomfield Hills, provides assisted living services that are an extension of your family.  Residents benefit from compassionate care and services that are personalized to the level of assistance they require. Belmar Oakland staff deeply connects with residents and quality of life is of the utmost importance, so each individual can feel safe, while enjoying the comforts of home.

Let’s review what assisted living is all about, then look at specific services offered by Belmar Oakland.

What Is Assisted Living for Bloomfield Hills Residents?

Assisted living differs from traditional nursing home facilities. They are communities that offer a combination of care and quality of life, independent living and support, group activities, and family interaction. However, it is not a “one size fits all” solution. Instead, assisted living facilities offer a range of services and support levels to fit varying needs.

What Are the Benefits of Assisted Living for Bloomfield Hills Area Residents?

Assisted living offers a wide range of benefits for seniors and for their family members. These include:

  • Help with challenging daily tasks, such as grooming and bathing
  • Companionship and care
  • Access to a group of peers
  • Physical, mental, and emotional health support
  • Access to engaging activities that stimulate health
  • Improving quality of life
  • Ensuring residents can live with as much independence, autonomy, and dignity as possible
  • Access to on-site medical care when necessary

For family members, an assisted living community can provide:

  • Confidence in knowing that your loved one is receiving quality care and companionship
  • The knowledge that your loved one is being cared for while still living an independent life
  • Peace of mind that your loved one will have access to activities and other seniors
  • A vital helping hand in providing the compassionate care your loved one deserves

What Do the Living Spaces Look Like?

Living spaces within an assisted living community differ, although they all share a few key characteristics. They are all designed with a home-like feel, while being laid out to help promote independent living and support your loved one in caring for themselves as much as possible. Within an assisted living community, you will usually find:

  • Full One-Bedroom Apartments: These are designed for individuals with the most mobility and offer complete privacy in a home-like setting. Apartments consist of a separate living room and bedroom and have their own bathroom.
  • Studios: Smaller than one-bedroom apartments, a studio combines the living and bedroom space in a compact form factor. However, they still have a private bathroom. These are better suited to individuals with more limited mobility and who might find the larger space of a full apartment challenging.
  • Semi-Private: Semi-private rooms combine two bedrooms with a limited amount of living space and a full bathroom. They are well-suited to patients with very limited mobility and those with special needs.

What Services Can You Expect in an Assisted Living Community?

While assisted living communities vary in terms of the scope of their services, they often include many of the same offerings. Some of the most common services include:

  • Planned on-site recreational activities
  • Planned on-site social activities
  • Planned off-site activities like shopping and dining
  • Transportation to and assistance at doctors’ appointments
  • Prepared meals (one to three per day depending on the community and your loved one’s needs)
  • Medication monitoring
  • Personal care, such as bathing, grooming, and dressing
  • Limited medical services
  • Around-the-clock emergency care

In addition to the services listed above, some communities may offer hospice for Bloomfield Hills residents. However, this is not necessarily true of all assisted living communities. Hospice care differs from standard assisted living in that it is designed for those with a life expectancy of less than six months, and it focuses primarily on comfort and quality of life, rather than treating a disease to eradicate it.

Why Consider Belmar Oakland for Assisted Living in Bloomfield Hills?

Why should you choose Belmar Oakland for your loved one? We provide compassionate care for seniors with all ranges of mobility and even offer specialized care for those struggling with memory loss or dementia. Of course, there are many other reasons.

Some of our residents come to us for the wide range of activities that we’re able to offer. That includes group activities with other residents, family rooms where everyone in the family can gather, and even entertainment. Others find that our simulated outdoor spaces offer the well-being their loved ones need while simultaneously providing security and peace of mind. Our indoor patio sensory environment is designed to invigorate mental stimulation and help treat memory loss and cognitive decline.

Our wide range of living spaces, including semi-private rooms, studios, and full apartments also draw many residents to us, particularly those who value their independence but want the assurance that help is always available, if needed. We are pet-friendly and allow small pets (with prior approval from administration). There is also our ever-changing menu of delicious, chef-created meals served in centrally located dining rooms.

Finally, we believe that our relationship with residents and their loved ones is also important. We consider ourselves an extension of your family. We take an individualized approach in everything we do because each of our residents is just that – an individual with unique needs, challenges, and more.

Is Belmar Oakland the Right Assisted Living Community for Your Loved One?

Choosing an option for assisted living in Bloomfield Hills can be challenging. It’s not a decision that you should rush into and will require both contemplation and access to important information. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our community, our wealth of activities and support systems, and how we can care for your loved one while fostering the best possible quality of life and independence.