A Guide to Short-Term Assisted Living In Bloomfield Hills

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A type of assisted living that is short-term, where seniors live in assisted living communities for a limited time. Short-term residents are welcomed in many care homes and given the same care as long-term residents.

Short-term assisted living could be needed by a senior after a hospital stay, a surgery, or when the primary caregiver is not available. Families can temporarily place their loved one in a safe, well-equipped environment while they are away on vacation.

Respite care is a special type of care for seniors whose primary caregiver is absent. This allows the caregiver to take a break, while still providing the necessary care for the senior. It is also a great way to temporarily test out assisted living communities in Oakland County for seniors to decide if it is right for them.

The short-term assisted living facility offers many of the same services as long-term residents. You have 24-hour supervision and nursing staff on-site to help with medication management and any other special medical needs. There are also excellent dining options. Assisted living facilities focus on helping people with their daily activities and health.

Bloomfield Hills: Reasons to Consider Short-Term Assisted Living

A family may choose to place their loved ones in an assisted living facility temporarily for one of several reasons. An assisted living facility in Troy might be a good option for a senior who has similar reasons. Some of these reasons are:

  • Postoperative recovery: Many seniors have to undergoing surgery or any other medical procedure. To ensure a quick recovery, seniors need constant care. Because it takes the stress out of the senior and their caregiver, short-term assisted living can be the best choice. It also provides the medical care necessary.
  • Rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Some surgeries require both postoperative care as well as physiotherapy treatment. Physical therapy can help reduce pain, improve mobility, and speed up recovery. Troy assisted living facilities provide skilled professionals who help seniors heal quicker by using physical therapy alone with limited opioid painkillers. Many seniors choose to receive short-term care in an assisted living facility for the best possible care and to speed up their recovery.
  • Temporarily inconvenient living arrangement: An assisted living center can be a viable option for seniors who find their permanent residence unsuitable. Senior citizens can stay temporarily in these care homes until they are able to return to their permanent residence.

This is a test run. Many families believe their loved ones should be able to experience assisted living facilities before they make the decision to live there permanently. A short-term stay at a retirement home is a way for seniors to experience assisted living. They or their loved one can then make an informed decision about whether or not they want to remain full-time at an assisted living facility.

Benefits of Short-Term Assisted Living

Both seniors and their families have found short-term assisted living to be very beneficial. Here are some benefits of short-term assisted living in a retirement home:

  • It allows caregivers to travel guilt-free and not worry about their loved ones’ safety or health.
  • It allows seniors to get away from their daily routines and enjoy social activities with other seniors. Most assisted living facilities offer social activities that lift the spirits of residents, even those who are only there for a brief time.
  • By assisting with the more time-consuming and energy-consuming tasks of daily living, retirement homes allow seniors to focus on what they love. They can re-enter the hobbies that they enjoyed or learn new ones with more time.
  • Short-term assisted housing is for seniors who need to be able to live in safety during an emergency. If a sudden emergency occurs that renders their permanent resident uninhabitable, a senior can be moved into assisted living.
  • A senior may need 24-hour care after a hospital stay or surgery. Some physiotherapeutic treatments may be required. An assisted living facility is the best place for seniors to receive the medical attention and care they require.

Troy’s Ideal Short-Term Assisted Living Facility

There are some important things to consider when a person is searching for an assisted living facility in Oakland County. If loved ones plan on visiting often, it is important to think about the location. If the senior is looking for smaller or larger facilities, size could be a major factor.

It is important to inspect the facility before a senior citizen moves into it, whether they are there for a short time or not. Different cultures can exist in different facilities. Seniors may not feel at home in the environment they choose. When looking for the right assisted living facility, cost is also important. Seniors and loved ones should choose a facility that suits their budget.

Get Started with Compassionate, Temporary Care

A short-term assisted living program is an easy way for older adults to get the help they need. This is a great option for seniors that would like to receive loving, temporary care while not having to live in the facility permanently.