7 Common Myths About Assisted Living in Bloomfield Hills

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Many myths about assisted living have been circulated over the years. Although some myths may have been true in the past, society has developed new ideas about assisted living and aging. The world is now in a different time than it was in the 1980s. There are many excellent retirement homes that cater to the specific needs of the elderly.

The opportunity to start over has been given to seniors by assisted living. Senior citizens can receive high-quality care in these senior communities. They also have the opportunity to make new connections with people outside of their immediate family.

This article dispels some myths regarding assisted living, Bloomfield Hills.

Common Myths about Assisted Living at Bloomfield Hills

1. Myth: Only seniors who are sick or disabled need assisted living

There are many types of assisted living. Care for the disabled and sick is just one. Many people mistakenly believe that retirement homes only exist for those with mobility issues or terminal illnesses.

This is a false belief. As assisted living facilities cater to mobile seniors, it’s also possible for them to be adapted. A variety of reasons can lead to healthy seniors moving into assisted living facilities in Bloomfield Hills. These could include a lack of companionship, inability or incontinence to maintain house chores, and inconvenient conditions (such as stairs).

2. Myth: Retirement communities are boring

There is very little boredom in an environment designed to keep seniors active. Senior citizens who are able to access assisted living in Bloomfield Hills have fun together which, contrary to popular belief, improves their quality-of-life. In the right assisted living facility, you can make new friends and keep in touch with old friends. As they age, people need more companionship and support. This is why it is important to make friends.

This close-knit community offers the opportunity to form strong bonds and foster a rich social life.

Seniors who live in assisted living facilities are able to share wonderful moments with their fellow residents by engaging in activities like:

  • Playing games
  • Traveling
  • Celebrating special occasions together
  • Organizing parties

3. Myth: There’s a right age to move to retirement home

There is no perfect age for moving into a retirement home. This is a common misconception. Age does not determine when a senior citizen can move into a retirement residence. It is best to move into a senior living facility when your home conditions are not favorable or you require extra care.

Senior citizens may feel overwhelmed by the many chores involved in staying at home. Senior citizens often find it difficult to cook, clean, maintain their homes, take care of the lawns, fulfill financial obligations, or do other chores. Retirement home residents are able to enjoy a carefree lifestyle that allows them to pursue their interests and have the freedom to spend their time as they please. A retirement home can provide all the assistance needed for seniors who have special needs.

4. Myth: Senior community living is institutionalization

The bland white corridors associated with assisted living facilities are no longer the norm. Comfortable rooms feel more like home than the outdated structure of retirement homes. Older people can now live in comfortable rooms that feel like their own homes, without having to follow strict guidelines. These facilities feel more like a resort, with plenty of room for residents to enjoy time together.

Bloomfield Hills offers stunning views and beautiful facilities for seniors. Residents are permitted to leave the facility and visit loved ones. Hence, living in a retirement home brings about a sense of belonging rather than institutionalization.

5. Myth: Retirement homes are expensive

There are many factors that influence the cost of senior living. The size and number of residents will also impact the cost. However, living in a facility is more affordable than maintaining a home. The homeowner is responsible for paying insurance, taxes, utilities and gym membership. These costs are much more expensive than living in assisted living homes.

6. Myth: Meals are bland and tasteless

Assistive living in Bloomfield Hills serves the primary purpose of providing premium care for the elderly. This caregiving involves ensuring that the elderly eat nutritious and tasty meals. To maintain their health, elderly people need to eat a lot of nutritious food. Residents can choose their favorite meals from a variety of menus in assisted care facilities.

7. Myth: Seniors in assisted living facilities are not allowed to choose their own path

Even though it is not mandatory, senior living communities often have planned activities for residents. These activities can include socializing and taking art classes or going on outings.

Elderly residents have the right to choose whether they wish to participate in activities with other residents of their care homes. They are free to explore new experiences based on how much they enjoy them, and not by force.

Choose a Trusted Assisted Living Community in Bloomfield Hills Today

It is important to understand the facts and myths about assisted living in Bloomfield Hills so that loved ones and elderly people can make informed decisions when making a decision about whether or not they want to move into a retirement home.

Seniors may find it difficult to move out of their homes and into the unfamiliar environment of a care facility. In many cases, however, the advantages such as quality services and access to appropriate medical services, healthy food, and plenty of activities far outweigh any inconveniences.

Additionally, they will feel less stressed if they find a community that suits their needs. This will help them settle in better to their new home. Find a trusted assisted living facility in Bloomfield Hills to offer better service and community for your loved one.